The Power of Customer Conversations

When I reflect on the pivotal moments at WePlayed Sports, they all have one thing in common: they were inspired by conversations with athletes and our customers. It’s during and after these talks that my team and I are able to develop valuable insights to build the advantages our product offers today - and the innovations on the roadmap for the future.

Our business is not simply about delivering a meaningful and effective product, it’s about our ability to adapt and improve that product to meet the evolving needs of the people it serves. For this reason, I believe the smartest decisions we can make as a company are those that are informed in real-time by insights from the people who use our platform to capture and share #moments.

Earlier this month, WePlayed Sports participated in the College Sports Information Directors of America’s (CoSIDA’s) annual convention. Although it was virtual this year, it was still an exciting opportunity to connect with sports information directors around the country to discuss their challenges in providing information to their fans.

During this year’s convention, my team and I not only had the chance to share our unique product and company journey with hundreds of people during live sessions, but we were also able to continue the conversation with CoSIDA members in the weeks following the convention to hear about their pain points and also insights into addressing them. From these conversations, we’ve already gotten smarter and we're incorporating these insights into our work, including:

Fans’ Shifting Consumption Habits: Athletic department staff are abundantly aware of the new sports consumption trend: today’s fans (the Highlight Generation) gravitate toward quick-hitting, athlete-centric content rather than full-length games. Departments remain eager to find ways to meet fans’ needs, and WePlayed Sports is here to help them create the content fans are seeking.

Resource Constraints: Lean athletic departments are constantly pressed to create enough video content to support and promote up to 500+ athletes, and it’s often not possible - there just aren’t enough hours in the day. With WePlayed Sports, the creation of video content is automated, so a high volume of content can be created quickly, allowing staff members to spend less time clipping highlights and more time connecting with fans.

Simple Video Distribution: Getting more video in fans’ hands is an ever-pressing need for athletic departments; distributing content for just two or three teams can often feel impossible, let alone doing so for every team. WePlayed Sports is uniquely positioned to help schools deliver on this front - for a variety of sports and fan bases - via digital channels, including websites, social media and beyond.

At WePlayed Sports, we firmly believe we’re in a position to help universities - from D-I, D-II and D-III - take their video content to the next level to support their teams and fans. After a month full of inspiring conversations, we’re energized to continue delivering short-form video #moments to schools across the country - and to dig in and continue to make our product even better.

We'd love to hear more from you as we continue to listen! Send us a note at, or schedule a demo today.