Staying in the Game at WePlayed Sports

One beautiful spring day in high school, I stayed on campus after basketball practice to watch a friend’s lacrosse game with my mom. Leaning up against the fence, I vividly remember turning to her and saying quite definitively that I was going to make a living in sports. At the time, I played basketball, baseball and football, so sports consumed a large part of my life. The passion I carried into each game made me realize that I wanted sports to continue to be a part of my life, whether I was playing or not.

When I joined the WePlayed Sports team this past March, I immediately knew that it was the perfect fit. Not just because the technology and the product center around sports video, but because I knew that I was surrounded by people that shared my passion for sports.

Prior to joining the team, I didn’t know what to expect, given this is my first real-world work experience. But, I imagined there’d be many skills and practices that translate from the court to the workplace, especially at a sports-focused company like WePlayed.

Punctuality, striving for greatness, strong communication skills, and an expectation of performing your best are all aspects of sports that hold great value in the midst of competition. I’ve found that those same qualities have proven beneficial while working at WePlayed Sports. No matter what setting I am in, performing my best is always an expectation for myself, so when I came to WePlayed Sports, it was no different. In return, I felt that I earned the team’s trust and started to be more vocal, providing input where I believed I could add unique insight as a current college basketball player. In addition, given the virtual setting at the company, communication is of the utmost importance. To ensure operations at the company run smoothly, the WePlayed Sports team prioritizes frequent and effective communication, just like on the court.

My basketball teammates at Northwestern often ask me who I work for, but to me, it doesn’t feel like work. Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life.” The energy and passion that each team member possesses makes the environment, even virtually, extremely fun to be a part of.

As I wrap up my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to not only reflect on my own experience at WePlayed Sports, but also to connect with members of the team about the ways in which their backgrounds as athletes continue to help them in their careers today.

Ted Civetti, Product

"The principles that contributed to my success on the field are the same ones that continue to guide me off it. There's no better example of this than as a member of the WePlayed Sports team. Day in and day out, we are tested with exciting new challenges as we build this innovative company. Being an athlete taught me how to meet these challenges head on while never losing sight of the importance of working together as a team. I'm grateful for the lessons learned on the playing field, and I look forward to incorporating more like it in my professional life."

Kristen Kjellman Marshall, Content

“Playing lacrosse at Northwestern primed and prepared me for my role at WePlayed Sports. Our program prided ourselves on our work ethic, adaptability, communication excellence and our innovative approach to the game. Those values I learned playing at the highest level of collegiate sports helped propel me to be a positive, forward-thinking leader within our company. I developed a highly competitive mindset, with a strong drive to WIN!”

Kelley Stump Jones, Marketing

“As a student-athlete at Northwestern I learned the importance of being disciplined both on the field and in the classroom - and it was a key driver of success in both arenas. Today, it’s the discipline that I developed during that period of my life that helps me effectively manage my time, deliver high-quality work, and be the teammate my colleagues expect me to be.”

Paul Zukauskas, Founder & President

“Being a former athlete has defined the way I approach my work at WePlayed Sports and that starts with being a great teammate. A great teammate is someone who has great enthusiasm no matter what the situation. A great teammate can both lead and follow. A great teammate doesn’t assign blame or find excuses. A great teammate makes others feel valued. Those are the traits that I learned as an athlete and I want to define my method and attitude to working at WePlayed Sports.”

Throughout my athletic career, it has become clear that sports will have a lasting impact on my life - and that what I learned while playing basketball will stick with me even after the ball stops bouncing. I believe there’s no better place to garner work experience while also staying in the game than at WePlayed Sports.