Every #Moment Counts

WePlayed Sports’ partners are leveraging its innovative platform to deliver more short-form video #moments to fans, increasing target audience engagement and showcasing athletes in captivating fashion.

Massive Market Opportunity

A new generation of sports fans has emerged. The Highlight Generation’s preference for short-form clips rather than full-length games will define the college sports community for years to come.

The popularity of short-form video among sports fans is expected to grow rapidly.

“During an August 2020 survey among sports industry leaders worldwide, some 90.5 percent of respondents suggested that sports highlights and short-form content would experience the largest growth within sports media consumption in the next few years.”

Sports organizations need to evolve and expand digital offerings to satiate their fans’ appetites for content.

“While it’s been increasingly important for sports organizations to tighten fan engagement for some time, COVID-19 has amplified the critical need to reimagine the way they engage with their fan bases. Their focus should be on unlocking the power of digital technologies to build year-round, two-way relationships with fans.”

Five-year projections show short-form highlights rights will surpass the growth of live rights.

“During this period, the value of live rights will grow at a rate of 18.7% to hit $49.1bn in 2024. However, in-play clips rights will grow at a rate of 76% to hit $1.7bn, while short-form highlights rights will grow at a rate of 101% to hit $3.2bn, across the same period.”

Joining Leaders in College Athletics

WePlayed Sports has established partnerships with LEARFIELD, SIDEARM Sports, WMT, Genius Sports and PrestoSports to bring #moments to universities across the country. WePlayed Sports provides its partners with the ability to publish their #moments on homepages, roster pages, team pages, schedules, stats, stories and more for fans’ viewing pleasure.